Thursday, June 2, 2011

69 Days of Summer

I don't know when summer begins for you...but mine starts with the end of a school year. Yesterday...the envelopes were stuffed, the boxes were packed, chairs and desks were stacked, boards were cleaned and cums were filled...the halls were empty and quiet of rambunctious there were just the sounds of teachers reminiscing over the year...the good, the bad, and the ugly.

On Wednesday, May 31st, at approximately "SUMMER" vacation officially began. It doesn't start on June 21st and end on Sept. 22nd, like the traditional calendars tell summer begins when that last box is checked off on that check off list and the principal says, "You're Free To Go"! Woohooo...Yes, I'm done!!! 69 days of summer, that's what I summer will end on August 8th....because on the 9th, I head back to school to start a whole new year, with a whole new group of students. But until then, I have 69 glorious days of rest and relaxation....9 of those will be spent in Maui, Hawaii, with the most wonderful man ever, my husband of 28 years!!!

So, let the fun begin...and it did...I began my summer vacation having a sleep over with my 3yr old grandson, Ryan. We had the best time...We played hockey, basketball, football, bowling, baseball, went for a walk, read books, did puzzles, watched movies, laughed and snuggled! Our times spent together are even more precious to me now, than ever before. You see, Ryan and his mom (my daughter), lived with my husband and I for almost 3 years (most of Ryan's life). They just recently moved out and it's been very difficult for me. I miss them terribly. Now, I shower them in prayer and anxiously look forward to when I can visit with them again....which never comes soon enough for me. Knowing that God has them in the palm of His Hands gives me a peace that passes all understanding.

As I said earlier, my summer began with the ending of a school year....what constitutes the beginning of your summer??? Any special plans? Would love to hear about your exciting adventures!


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