Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Texting vs. Talking

Have you ever felt that God just won't let a subject go in your mind...well, that's how I feel about Texting and Talking. Why was it again that God created man...oh, that's right, so He could have a PERSONAL relationship with us...He wanted to be able to communicate with us personally...not text us.

I am the first to admit, I love the newest gadgets and gizmos. And I do text...but, I am limited to how much I can text and when I am with friends and family....I put the phone away! I have come to realize recently, though, that some of those gizmos and gadgets have become idols to many and at times depersonalize relationships.

I don't know about you, but I believe that good communication between two people is the key to a good...no...great relationship! Whether friends, family, or marriages. Talking with one another...not texting is the key. I wonder how many relationships would survive based on texting only. I mean truly close relationships...like marriages and "best" friend type relationships. Aquaintances could survive ...no problem...but I believe if you want a deeper relationship with a human being you have to talk and not text.

When texting (aim'ing, facebooking, my spacing, tweeting...whatever you want to call it) first began, I can remember it being, in large, mostly young people...teenagers...college age sudents, but now I see more and more older (30+) people hooked on it. So often when I go out to a restaurant I inevitably see families engaged in texting on phones instead of communicating with those that are right there next to them. And I am not just talking about the children...parents are just as bad! Sometimes in my opinion....Worse! That saddens me. How can relationships grow and deepen if you never talk with one another.

Again...I'll admit I love technology and I think there are many advantages to it...but I am also beginning to see many disadvantages, as well. I don't know, call me "old fashioned", but when I am visiting with a friend or family member I want to visit and spend time with them...growing, nurturing, and deepening my relationship with them! Not sitting around focusing on my cell phone. That to me is just plain and simple...rudeness. But then again, I am just a plain and simple person!

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