Sunday, September 20, 2009

Septic Tank of the Heart I am. I did say last week in my blog about "CONSISTENCY" that I was going to try to be more consistent and write at least once a week. So I am trying to keep my word and be accountable, if only to myself.

Proverbs 23:7 says: For as he thinketh in his heart , so is he. I always tell my students that our brain is like a computer; whatever we put in our mind, is what is going to come out and spew onto others. If we are putting good stuff in, then good stuff will come out. If we are filling our mind with junk; then junk is going to come out.

Five years ago my husband and I built a house out in the country. Our land is butted up against a cow pasture and we literally have cows for neighbors. That is not to say that we don't have "real" neighbors..we do...but we also have cows. It's very peaceful and quiet...we just love it!

This summer we received a letter from the county we in which we live telling us that someone would be coming out to our house to inspect our septic tank. Apparently this is something new that the county began doing with new homes. No big deal, right! Well, when you have lived in a house for five years with 5 adults and a baby, you would probably think that maybe you would need to have your septic tank pumped once in awhile. NOT US! Never crossed our mind. So, the septic system man comes out, inspects our tank and proceeds to tell us we need to have our tank pumped immediately. That it was way overdue for a pumping and was one of the worst he had seen in a long time. They told us they would return to inspect the tank in about a week to make sure we had done what we were told...which we did and they did and everything was fine.

In the process of going through this though..The Lord began to speak to me about my heart in comparsion to a septic system. He began to question me about when the last time was that I cleaned/pumped the septic tank of my heart out? That HURT! Let's face it, we all put stuff into our minds everyday, which flows into our hearts and if we aren't careful it comes spewing out onto everyone around us. I'll admit...I love action movies. I could watch the Die Hard Series or the Bourne Series over and over again...but I know that the violence and language in those types of movies is not what I need to be putting into my mind, but still I do it. Therefore, I need to be making sure that I am cleansing my mind and heart on a regular that I am not allowing that kind of violence and language to flow forth from me. How do I cleanse my mind and heart...through the Word of God! Making sure that I am daily into His Word. Meditating on His Word day and night!

If I never pump out the spetic tank of my heart, it will end up like the septic tank at my house...overflowing with muck!!! That will in turn overflow into my actions and words. So I ask you...When was the last time you cleaned the septic tank of your heart???

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