Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Winning or Losing?

OK! So the question is: Is it better to lose with a Christlike spirit or Is it better to win with an UN-Christlike spirit? Personally, I would rather lose every game and keep my Christ-like attitude than to lose and be overbearing and cocky. Although...it is...as our coach says: "Much more fun to win than to lose.'' I totally agree with her on that one. It certainly didn't feel too good when we lost the second match today. Even though we won the first match. What's wrong with losing every now and again...after all this was only our third loss in almost 3 years? How will we ever know what we need to improve on, if we never lose? What made this loss so much more difficult to swallow than any other? These were all questions that I was trying answer, not only in my own mind, but also for the coach. It is never easy to lose and even though there were many contributing factors to our loss today, one thing we did do right was to maintain our Christ-like attitude. We could mull over all the mistakes we made, bad attitudes displayed by the other team, poor line judging, poor referee calls, but do they really matter. They certainly won't change the outcome of the game. A loss is a loss. So how do we handle a loss when we are so accustomed to winning...with a Christ-like spirit. Keeping our heads held high and allowing God's grace flow through us. Evaluating the skills that need improvement and doing everything we can in our own power to improve on them and then letting God do the rest. Realizing that volleyball is just a game, but we are in a much bigger game with a much higher stake...the Game of Life...where God is the coach and Heaven is the prize. If we keep our eye on the real prize and strive to win at that game...we will never lose. So what do you think??? How do you handle losses in your life?

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  1. You are amazing. Thank you for your thoughts, for teaching me, for putting up with me, for being my friend.00C