Sunday, August 9, 2009

Summertime Fun!!!

Wow! I can't believe, but my summer is coming to an end. Seems like only yesterday I was finishing up the 2008-09 school year and looking forward to a restful and relaxing summer. Of course like every summer I had my "To Do List". You know those are all of those little tasks and projects that you want to get done, but never seem to have the time. As I look back over these past 2 months...I am thinking I didn't accomplish near what I had set out to do at the beginning of my summer break. Though I did get a few things accomplished such as: spending time with my grandson, lazy days swinging on my swing, read 15 books, painted the kitchen, ran everyday, spent a wonderful week in Oak Island, NC, with my husband, had a pool party for my upcoming third grade class, spent several days in Myrtle Beach, SC, with family, had dinner with my high school English teacher, and scrap booked with the girls. Well, I guess I did do something this summer after all. I also became much more technical this summer...creating a Twitter account, Face Book account, and began this Blog. I can even Text Message on my phone, too. So much technology in one summer...I am feeling overwhelmed! I will just cling to God for he gives me the strength and power to accomplish mighty things. I never walk alone. Neither do you!!!

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  1. I love it! Welcome to the blogging world! It's funny how our summers have been completely opposite in "style", however we were able to bring them to closure (so to speak) at the beach together!