Sunday, August 16, 2009

How Thirsty are You?

A few years ago I began participating in half Marathons. So far I have actually
completed 3...though my plan is to do at least 1-2 yearly. I started out fast-walking, but thanks to my daughter, I try to do more running than walking now. Being a teacher I am able to have the summers off, which allows me to run consistently in the early mornings. I call it my "God Time". I live out in the country, in a small town and it's very peaceful and quiet in my neighborhood ...only the birds and squirrels are up at that time. I use my time to pray for my friends and family and just talk with God.

One morning as I was running I became very mouth was dry...I was actually contemplating cutting my run short because I was so parched. I couldn't wait to get home to get a nice cold bottle of water. I was kicking myself for not haven taken a bottle with me, which I do on occasion. Then I began thinking about the various ways I drink the water when I finally get it. Though, as I said, on occasion I take the bottle with me...and take small sips along the way. At other times, after completing my run I grab a bottle out the the fridge and gulp it down. Then there are times when I have seen people complete a run and they don't just gulp the water they pour it all over themselves (from the head down). I haven't actually done that, but instead I just jump in the shower and immerse myself in the water. I feel so clean and refreshed afterwards.

As I liken the way I drink water to the way I drink and take in God's word...I began to realize that the two are some what similar. There are times in my spiritual walk when things are going along OK and I am only taking sips from God's Word. Frankly, it's when I am not consistent with my devotional time or prayer time. Then there are those times when I am gulping God's Word's. Those are the times when I'll hit a small bump in the road and I feel like I need God to help me get through it. Many times I'll get over that small bump and then just go back to sipping the Word. Lastly, I realized that taking a shower and immersing myself in God's Word daily is what I NEED to be doing. It is what will help me to be able to stand strong when the bumps in the road turn into boulders and mountains. God's Word says I need to put on the full armor of God...I cannot do that if I am not in His word on a daily basis. neither can you. So I'll ask you again...How thirsty are you?

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