Sunday, November 13, 2011

"Bent But Not Broken"

Recently God has placed a little four word phrase continuously upon my heart! It's a rarity, I know, especially at my age, when they say" the mind is the first to go"....yet He did! The phrase first came to me as I was relaxing on my swing one day. I was assessing the latest damage it had received from the most recent storm. As I scanned the cover, I noticed that the bar that runs through it was bent, as well as, it has several tears in the cover. It looks pretty beaten up. Storm after Storm has raced across our quiet countryside neighborhood, toppling this little "safe haven" that I call MY SWING, trying its best to break it...though it continues to stand strong! The Swings' ability to still provide me with a place that I can read and relax, take a nap, spend quiet time with the Lord, and be shaded me from the heat of the day, continues to work the same. Then it came...the revelation from the swing is like many people I know...Bent But Not Broken! So many of my "Dear Friends" have had to endure many storms recently...maybe you are even in the midst of one yourself right now, yet , "YOU ARE STILL STANDING!" You may be Bent, Bruised, and Battered by the storm, but you are NOT BROKEN! Praise be to God! He provides for us, exactly what we need with each new day. His Grace is Sufficient.

My swing took on a new meaning for me at that I began to ponder this new little phrase in my head and heart! I recalled all the times in my life in which I was "BENT"! In each and every storm God was present. Though, I'll admit there were times when I may have questioned His presence. Although, I knew just the same that He was indeed There! I can assure you, that He is right beside you in the middle of your storm, as well. Don't give up, keep praying, keep doing what you know is right in the sight of the Lord. Cast your cares upon Him and let Him give you rest through your storm!

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